We are the best when it comes to B2B lead generation providers.

CandidData is a business research, data and Information Company that provides sales and marketing solutions designed to acquire new business and accelerate revenue. We provide you with hand crafted, individual solutions to suit your business needs.

CandidData provides unique mechanism of connecting to your prospects and existing customers with a direct positive impact on your results. At CandidData we make sure that you use high-quality business-to-business data for marketing, CRM and for gathering insights.

We are the best when it comes to B2B lead generation providers.

CandidData is a data research company which provides marketing and sales solutions customized to acquire new businesses and generate revenue. Our hand-crafted solutions suit your business requirements.

We are a B2B marketing service who specialize in lead generation and data tailoring.Such offerings help you with a direct connection with the target potentials. CandidData allows companies across all niches delivering high-quality data at an affordable cost.

Our significant experience in this field has led to our huge success and satisfaction among our customers. Our professionals help to take your business to new heights. We focus on quality, innovation, and performance to do our task better. CandidData believes in teamwork, sharing knowledge, and continuous change.

We will provide you with data that is easy to use and will help in navigating and analyzing it quickly. Our data service empowers corporate to focus on the core strength as we help them with the data collection.

Our Goal

CandidData believes in growing with its clients. We nurture long-term partnership with our employees, customers, and suppliers. We are a data-driven, as well as a value-driven company.

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Meet Our Team

Our teams members have rich experience in their respective field, which has helped CandidData to meet give outstanding results across various verticals. Our clients appreciate our problem-solving approach and in-house capability in tricky and complicated situations. With us, you can enjoy quick response time when it comes to the research. We make sure to deliver the projects within the designated time and at an affordable price.

  • Vishal Kumar
    Vishal Kumar Tech Lead
  • Ivneet Verma
    Ivneet Verma Sourcing and Business Head
  • Mehvish Diwan
    Mehvish Diwan Founder & Partner

What Drives Us?


At CandidData, we aim to offer innovative solutions to our clients to make sure that we have better outcomes. We hearken and concede your requirements. We further create an efficient process using our innovative approach. This has been possible due to continuous training, learning, recognizing, adopting intelligent technology, and recognizing personal skills that are directed towards innovation to help you to achieve your goals.


We have a unique approach to ascertain an unparalleled level of business. Our approach is supported by three factors Greater Scalability, Transparency, and KPI. Our team knows that it is important to provide customers with powerful insights while being proactive and focus on what is important to our client’s core area of business.
We nurture positive work ethics among our employees and believe that an innovative approach can go a long way in leading the way for others.

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