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Accelerate your growth with High Quality 99.99% Human-verified Custom B2B Contact and Account Data.

We are a team of B2B Data Experts

And Helping B2B Companies in the following four ways:-

Improve Sales Pipelines

The key for evaluating, managing, and most importantly improving the process of sale is by having a standard and well-known sale pipeline.

Enhances Existing Data Health

Ensure that all your dirty contact data list is cleaned up and then every contact data on your CRM should be audited, making available insights in detail.

Know your Competition

Getting to know your competitors and the type of services they are offering will help you come up with ways to be unique in the services and products you are offering. You can further get a list of competitor’s customer list.

Improves Campaign and Email Health

To boost your sender reputation, we will positively interact with you through emails as well as apply other relevant strategies.

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Why Choose us?

CandidData believes in growing with its clients. We nurture long-term partnerships with our employees, customers, and suppliers. We are a data-driven, as well as a value-driven company.

  • Run Successful Marketing/Sales Campaign.
  • 100% Accurate Contact Data.
  • Highly Targeted Data.
  • Guarantee - We promise 100% accuracy across all datasets & stand by it.
  • Affordable/Fair pricing.



  • Targeted Contact Data for campaign marketing.

    If you sell to certain contacts at your target accounts or you have a clear understanding of the titles that your decision-makers hold, then we can assist you in building the best quality of contacts based on specific titles and title keywords that has full contact information for practical marketing and sales development. Before we get started, let us have a sample of your exact decision-maker profile, so we can carry out a review trial dataset from our targeted team.

  • If you plan on building a set of targeted companies for account-based marketing, all you need to do is tell us what your specification is and let our research team deliver a well-organized list of target accounts that match your specified requirements. If you can come up with a database for an account, we can deliver it. Why wait, just share your specifications to get started on a trial list.

  • If you also market to companies that are making use of a certain type of technology, application, or platform, then with the help of our targeted solution you can identify a well-organized set of accounts according to the type of technology they use. This will help you narrow down the areas you will focus on during your sales and marketing campaign. Share with us your exact technology install requirements and have access to a trial dataset from our targeted team along with count estimates.

  • The efficiency of your business greatly depends on the quality of the data you are reviewing. The size of your database is of no value to your business if it is out of date and filled with unnecessary information. If you fail to get results from your marketing campaigns or the amount of bounced emails is increasing daily, then it is about time you do a data cleansing by an agency whose expertise is in data cleansing. One agency that is well known for its proficiency in data cleansing and enrichment services is CandidData. We have an in-depth knowledge of the latest data cleansing techniques accompanied by many years of experience. We can clean, standardize, normalize, verify, and validate any amount of data. Invalid email addresses, dialing codes, zip codes, postal addresses and so much more can be fixed with our data cleansing procedures.

  • Don't land in spam anymore. We will raise your sender reputation by positively interacting with your emails and also by applying other strategies.


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